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Train like a World Cup player

by Marcia Mueller

How did those World Cup players play in the heat and humidity in Brazil?  The German team ironically hired an American, Mark Verstegen, over 10 years ago to help train their team.   The New York Times has a great article on their training protocals.  Verstegen says that anyone can benefit from some of his methods.  Pay attention to nutrition, your attitude, how you move and give your body time to recover.  Sleep is key to getting good results so don't skimp on that.  Do something physical first thing when you wake up, like a stretch, pushup or squat, to prime your body and mind for activity.  Then when you work out push yourself a bit.  You need to stress your body and mind for them to grow.  Read to the end of the article and watch the short videos showing the team's warm-up exercise routine, you might pick up something that will work for you.  Who knows I might even get on my foam roller!