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Acupuncture from Marcia is an invaluable addition to my traditional treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. It has allowed me to function better physically and mentally whilst living with chronic pain.  I find Marcia's practice a very warm and welcoming environment.  Bruce, her canine companion, loves to greet you and provide a bit of dog therapy whilst in the home!  Marcia made me feel immediately comfortable, taking time to listen to all of my health concerns. She does this not only at the initial appointment, but at every visit, and tailors the treatment accordingly.  I would absolutely encourage anyone considering acupuncture to see Marcia!  KP 2/5/2012

I sought help from Marcia for help with chronic migraines.  Marcia treated me for several months, on a weekly basis at first. Marcia is very easy to talk with and took a complete history before designing a treatment plan with me. Her experience and knowledge of the latest treatment options for migraine relief were impressive and I felt confidence in her skills. When I entered the treatment room, the first thing I noticed was the warmth, which was wonderful! The natural light from the windows was soothing and I enjoyed the gentle music in the background.  Marcia's skill as a practitioner of acupuncture, in combination with some dietary changes, have reduced the frequency of my migraines from 7-9 per month to 1-2, which is incredible!   Nancy 2/24/2012

I've been treated by Marcia for several months. I'd previously received acupuncture from 7 other practitioners over the years. Marcia is thorough, creative and has helped me (with the relatively minor issues I've had). Her manner is extremely relaxed and friendly - I prefer physicians who aren't full of their own importance. And, of all my previous acupuncture experience, Marcia is by far the most "painless." Highly recommended.  Robert P.  8/9/2011

I went to Marcia because my knees have been bothering me from playing soccer. She listened carefully to where my pain was and what types of activities I participate in. From that she developed a plan.  We had several sessions and they really helped. Much less pain. Then I tore my hamstring the day before leaving for a vacation to Thailand. She got me in on the day I was leaving. I'm convinced her treatment saved my vacation! She's great.  Mike 9/1/2011

My family and myself have been treated by Marcia for several years. We discovered Marcia after a friend crawled into her office with severe back pain. She managed to take his pain away and we have been clients ever since. We are a very active family, Marcia has treated us over the years for all sorts of sports related injuries. My youngest who does not enjoy the doctors office due to the needles involved loves Marcia. I recommend Different Drummer for all families. Polli  9/7/2010

Service was great! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for acupuncture service. She explained procedures and made you feel comfortable. The office was very clean and very inviting.  Tomoko 1/12/2010

I have been going to her for probably six months. She is very thorough, very flexible, and has very good bedside manner. She is very available and her treatment is very effective. I think she is great.  Roger 9/25/2009

Testimonials -

Testimonials -

Marcia Mueller, L.Ac.
Different Drummer Acupuncture
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